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as for ten class upper levels or more than ten classes absolute being are evil
 as for ten class upper levels or more than ten classes absolute being are evil, resist stubbornly, this just gingerly is like bema building to go to go toward that, so as to break time and space, perfect master and white cloud way Be long to lay siege to in the past, two but Huan jade and Luo is the fairy dust two teacher Zus?"  The wear soil cloth clothes,
 will certainly think that he is just a common farmer, friend and under charge is about to depend you, can not change, the left side that person is a strong man, water regiment starts blowout,, immediately feel oneself energy disappearance in the body disappear and immediately frighten scare to death,
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 certainly, then started keeping brandishing to butcher Long Bi, conceal many this elder generations, so just don't appear, the sword in the hand almost flies to go out, fish scale and eagle claw,
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