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Author Topic: N4,000 and recharge with only N500 Monthly  (Read 1457 times)


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N4,000 and recharge with only N500 Monthly
« on: February 14, 2011, 09:37:47 AM »
Do you want to cut down your expenses on recharge cards every month? Can you recall how much you always spend on recharge cards every month? How much do you think you have been spending on recharge cards every year?
I know so many people spend N5, 000 – N50, 000 or more on recharge cards monthly. Let’s look at it this way, let’s say you recharge with just N2,000 monthly  you will be spending about N24,000 every.( although we know that most of us  recharge more than that  in a month. Now if your wife, child or brother spends N2, 000 every month on recharge cards that person will also be spending N24,000 in a year, and you’ll agree with me that most of us spend much more than that N2,000 monthly.
This is an opportunity for you to cut down on your expenses on recharge cards and use the money for something else. You can reduce it to N500 no matter how much you’ve been spending to recharge your phone.   
You’ll  a new phone with just N4, 000 and recharge with only N500 every month, which means in a year you’ll spend only N6, 000 on recharge cards here in Nigeria. This phone is specially programmed; it is not like every other phone.
For you to be able to call with only N500 monthly, the person you are calling must have this same phone. And if you want to enjoy the benefits of this phone, you need to  it for members of you family, to enable you communicate with them without spending so much on recharge cards. You may think the cost will be too much for you but believe me, you are unknowingly spending not less than N30 to N40,000 in a year on recharge cards, but if you grab this golden opportunity to  two or three of this phone, you will just be spending about N12,000 and recharge with N500 monthly, now if you add this together for a year, you’ll just spend N30,000 in a year for you and your family members which is very  compared to how much you usually spend on other phones and network. Now if every member  or let’s say 3 members of your family  spend N2,000 monthly, in a year each person will be spending close to N24,000  multiplied by 3 people gives you N72,000 ( and most of us unknowingly spend much more than that amount yearly).   
Are you a business man that ha been spending so much money on recharge cards talking to your associates? This is an opportunity for you to cut down your expenses on recharge cards. You can  this phone and also recommend it for your business partners and talk with them for as long as you like for just N500 per month.
This is a rear opportunity, it will indeed bring relieve to you on recharge card expenses and give you more profit in your business.
My office is in Port Harcourt. You can send an email to request for this phone at  or call 08030648867. If you are in Port Harcourt come to the address below
No. 12 2nd Avenue
Eastern By- Pass
Port Harcourt
If you are in Lagos State
Make your N4, 000 payment at the account No. below and go to the address below with your teller.
No. 10 1st Avenue, Beach land estate Apapa. Or call Emmanuel on : 07034473312
Bank PHB
Account Name: Mildred Opara
Account No. 1490334153
This offer is available while stocks last.