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Author Topic: Global Vital Information Forum.  (Read 2511 times)


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Global Vital Information Forum.
« on: September 14, 2009, 11:35:48 PM »
Dear Niger Deltan,
My name is ndah-IMB, an Information Consultant, and the moderator of Global Vital Information Forum. I am also the President / Chief Executive of Information Power Initiative, - an NGO that takes on the odorous task of ransacking the global information super highway, alongside other likeminded organizations, to uncover or create varied useful pieces of problem solving  information. Information Power Initiative refers to such VITAL – INFORMATION, as are needed to make an individual, a group of individuals, an organization or a community to function more effectively and be more relevant in this 21st Century and beyond. You may wish to know that I am online  24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, thus being in command of  what it takes to talk about information.  So whenever you lay your hand on this piece of information (online or offline), make a copy of your own, find a place where nobody will disturb you, and take time to go through the contents making sure you understand every sentence herein. 

How Do We Classify This Nature Of Information?

VITAL – INFORMATION,  is information that are needed in the current re-branding, re-shaping and re-positioning your self, your state, or your country and the world as a whole which can be  classified as:

a)Generally Important Information.
b)Vital Powerful Information.
c)Secret Closely Guarded Information.
d)Life – Changing Problem Solving Information.
e)Bank Account Transforming Information.[/li][/list]

The above calibers of information are badly required to influence the way we live, the way we work, the way we carry out our businesses, the way we manage our organizations as well as the way we govern our states or nation. The difference here is that this nature of information is generally difficult to lay hand on. This is what took Info-POWER global, with undaunted commitment which qualifies the whole project as an INITIATIVE.

To Further Throw More Light On This Concept:

Think about important facts and or figures,
 that are carefully packaged to inform and to enable you cross a barrier or surmount a giant problem WITH EASE. Imagine also a piece of information that changes things over night for good or addressing a teething problem once and for all?

4 Areas I want You To Consider:
1)Take a look at the income of Nigerians and the general finance of our
2)Think of the problem of poor performance in our entire education sector.
3)Look at our youths how they are now behaving.
4)Imagine the kind of security to life and property nowavailable to our

Incase The Above Doesn’t Make Much Sense…
Can you observe that a large majority of Nigerians, young and old want to reap where they did not sow ? Is this not a problem to you? Look at our banks today; listen to tales of bank robbery. Check ATM fraud; was it so rampant before? OK, imagine kidnappers and how they operate; consider again the amounts, I mean such high figures they are asking for, and yet the victims are paying. Are you not frightened, or I mean are you not worried?
Have you ever taken time to study the new life styles of top government functionaries and our politicians, look at their spending habits. Have you ever stopped to think why are we as a nation so blessed, but while only a handful of us are having their bank accounts exploded with big rolls of cash, over 90% of the rest of the population live hand to mouth? Info-POWER is disturbed by all these. In-fact we are having sleepless nights.

Finally, check out how many thousand are coming out of the university, and weigh the number against how many are securing jobs in a given year. If only just about 3 graduates secure jobs out of every 100, we are in serious trouble. And I bet you there is something seriously wrong. Okay, is it  not possible to address this trend? YES! Using appropriate information!


SUCH INFORMATION IS WHAT GLOBAL VITAL INFORMATION FORUM CREATES, SOURCES FOR, RECEIVES AND GIVES OUT. This is what we stand for. We have laid our hands on information that can easily be applied to:

Help our nation be a better place to live in, with regards to, financial security, as well as that of life and property.

Assist Nigerians make more money by way of better income.

Help our people learn new world class problem solving skills.

Prove to our governments and citizens that it is not good to graduate from the university and for years you remain jobless. This is grossly unacceptable.

Uncover skills you can learn for say few days and thereafter you start to generate good income online or off-line.

Show Nigerians hitherto unknown ways of making money from the stock market.

Generally go a long way to make the lives of Nigerians a lot easier.

But Nigerians must  be warned, they
must be prepared to learn to apply simple guides to succeed, it is not going to be another university education, but simple step by step quick learning and application.

Okay, let me disturb your mind a little… Are you aware that out of the thousands of Nigerian people that claim to be computer literate today, that over 90% of them know little or nothing about the INTERNET? I mean they do not know the full meaning of the word “ONLINE”.

Also, let me give you this POWERFUL INFORMATION: Are you not aware of these IT CERTIFICATIONS:

(1) Any Certification In Programming,
(2) Any Information Security Certification.

These 2 Certification areas are badly needed in big Blue Chip companies as well as leading banks today (I mean badly needed); both here and abroad and they are paid seven figure pay cheques. Can you see where degree  pass degree, I mean computer literacy pass computer literacy?

Only one university in Nigeria has bothered to make these courses available once to its students. This is vital information, YOU CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN IN YOUR  STATE, I mean you yourself, and make huge rolls of cash into your bank account from it.  . My dear, we badly need help in this country called Nigeria. Well let me stop there for today.   
If you would  be interested in receiving more vital, powerful,   secret as well as bank account transforming pieces of information from Global Vital  Information Forum, its completely free; then send an e-mail to; infopower1001@; or