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Author Topic: The Seven Ways of Highly Successful Bloggers  (Read 491 times)


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The Seven Ways of Highly Successful Bloggers
« on: September 16, 2009, 05:34:26 AM »
1.They Blog on a consistent basis

Successful bloggers are not on again off again bloggers.They pick a posting frequency
and they stick to it no matter what.If you're going to do a new blog post everyday,then
make sure you do a new blogpost everyday.If you don't think you can handle the level of
posting,then pick a number that you can handle.

It is better to post once per week on a consistent basis than once per day and then nothing
for a week after.If you're new to blogging, I recommend you start with one to three post per
week and work up to level that you re comfortable with.You should always work up to post
frequency and never work down. If you do have to work down, then do it slowly.

2.They Are Passionate About Their Topic

If you are not passionate about the topic you're blogging about,then you're going to have a
really hard time growing the blog.Blogs attract like-minded people and they will see right
through you if you're just in it for money.

Being passionate about what you blog about make it easier to keep up with the industry-you want
to find out what is happening in your niche because it's your passion and because it may make you
money.I started this blog with no intention of making money from it.For
the first four month of the blog.s life,it made zore and traffic was was just few peoples per day.
Yet,i update the the blog an average of over two post per day during that period.You cannot do that
unless you are passionate about your topic.

3.They Interact With Their Readers

A blog is not a one-way street.In addition to providing information,a blog is a communication tool
between the blogger and his readers.successful bloggers interact with their readers.They answer readers
email and comments and they ask for feedback.

Interacting with your readers build trust and royalty.It makes you more approachable.By keeping my
blog on a light note and having fun with my posting, I feel i connect with readers on a more personal

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thanks and God bless you as you read