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Author Topic: Branding Traffic Type.  (Read 1804 times)


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Branding Traffic Type.
« on: October 08, 2009, 10:02:35 AM »
Branding is all about raising awareness of your name and product in the
online marketplace. You should strive to make branding one of your daily,
business-related 'habits'.
How to brand?
Ensure your name and URL are on every piece of media you send out.
This includes: all email correspondence, all site and product graphics, all
bylines of articles and testimonials you've written. Essentially anything else
that has room on it for your name and website address.
Not only these, but also through the creation of viral products. A product that
is considered “viral” is one that is not only spread throughout the internet
among those interested in what you are offering, but it also incorporates the
“brand” technique as a standard flat across the board.
Additionally, you might consider coming up with a unique slogan or purpose
statement to add under your site logo, in your emails and on business cards.
Why brand? Familiarity breeds trust. When people are exposed to your name
time and again in reference to a subject, they begin to view you as someone
of importance and expertise.
Your prospect might see your name in an article byline a dozen times before
winding up on your website. Perhaps they've clicked on a Google ad for a
product they didn't even know you offered. What happens when they get to
your page? They say “oh, yeah, this guy. I think I read a couple of his articles
last week.”
This is a good thing. Your branding has paid off by greasing this prospect's
wheels in advance, and you've already won a significant portion of the battle
for conversion. So, be mindful of branding in everything you do. It should play
a large part in your marketing strategy, and really isn't optional.
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