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Author Topic: Recharge Card Business Solution  (Read 1195 times)


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Recharge Card Business Solution
« on: November 05, 2010, 10:08:35 AM »
Hello Everyone ,

Hello I am Brian the sales manager at Quantum Solutions which finally provides the ultimate solution for the Recharge Card Business Industry.  With our system you will be able to to sell, recharge cards or electronic pre-paid cards. Our POS terminals and software was designed to help you distribute your electronic pins at a much more rapid pace than before. Our services are compatible with all recharge card types including GSM recharge cards, cable TV recharge cards, and Internet cafes pins. Our system is designed to assist you with the distribution, and gives you complete control of your electronic pins. Our system is also designed to handle different recharge card nominations that are compatible with different providers.

Our Goals:
      * To offer the most economical, hassle-free, and flexible electronic pin distribution solution in Africa
      * To continually improve our products and services for the advantage of our clients.

We have solution for:
     *MTM Recharge Cards
     *Glo Recharge Cards
     *Zain Recharge Cards
- and more more

Our system will benefit anyone who sells pins, prepaid cards, recharge cards, or sells any form of daily, monthly, or yearly subscriptions.
    * No more need to print cards.
    * No more need to secure the inventory of printed recharge cards.
    * No more theft of cards
    * Real Time statistics – you will know exactly how much is sold and what your balance is
    * Multiple distribution of prepaid platforms
    * Easy to expand with new outlets
    * Have access to your account via the Virtual Office anywhere you have Internet access

What are the available options for You??
    *PC Based recharge card printing – print one or multiple recharge cards from your computer. This is an inexpensive solution for small retailers and vendors who use a PC in their store, or just want to pre-print the cards to sell for the day.
    * Personal Virtual Terminal – connect to our personal virtual terminal on the web and sell/print a recharge card for personal use.
    *Business Virtual Terminal - connect to our business virtual terminal on the web and print recharge cards for your employees. Keep track of total recharge spending, or break it down individually by employee.
    *Recharge Card Sales Website – your own branded website to sell recharge cards.
    *Mobile phone recharge sales – use your phone to sell recharge cards.
    *POS terminal – use a handheld device to print and sell recharge cards. This is the perfect solution for retailers and vendors of recharge cards.

There is a solution for everyone. If you are selling only a few cards to make some extra cash, or if you are a wholesaler that has a large network of retailers, we have you covered.

QRecharge gives you the opportunity to make some serious money by entering the biggest market available in Nigeria. If you are interested in helping us beta test our Recharge Chard Business where you will be able to experiment with our software before it goes on the market, please fill out the Recharge Business Application Form

Quantum Solutions