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Post by: SIMEON . O. E. EGBROKO on April 09, 2011, 10:12:02 AM
WE are all aware of the tussle in the political terrain in the country today,and the earlier we are prepared for the oncoming tests the better for all of us. I do not want a situation where we will be shaking to address our concerns in the region we all live in.

It is time to think positively and work right hard, love and embrace peace, unite and collaborate with the present government of our own blood, lift him, help him, stand by him, join him . We the masses are the will of the government whether we are recognised or not. No more ploys of violence, cheats, looting, abduction of the workers and stars, unnecessary killing of the innocents that has always brought indelible generational curses on the entire human races - cos the blood of the innocents killed cry out for revenge to God according to the Holy Scriptures, and we must sanction such devilish practices if we must live in peace.

Do not forget, we all must die someday and give account of our general living to the Almighty Creator(GOD). Everyone has a responsibility to perform before the whole world. In this days things are changing faster than we expected.

Love, mercy, forgiveness, tolerance, endurance, self evaluation, justice, freedom in every way with all wills, right attitude irrespective of religion and state of personality are what controls the world now . So many people are tired of the usual African way of life, incumbency of profitlessness, and a character of suffering and smiling. In real terms , don't give anybody your wahala . keep it to your solutions making.

We must behave like the twenty first century human beings - normal intelligent beings. Seek your purpose genuinely. Let your actions be right . Don't get messed up. Don't show yourself even if you have evil in you, otherwise, you might get killed by the laws of these days. It is very serious. Abstain from total evil wreck on mankind.
Royalty is power and trust. Life is power and trust. Knowledge is greater understanding with powerful and purposeful life controlled by right objectives - which is absolute wisdom. All we have is given to us by GOD, and one we shall all die one day to the other side of life to give all the account of how we handled all He gave to us.

Thank you all for praying for me in my time of sickness. I am well now. God be with you.

God bless you all . Amen.

Prince S.O.E. E.