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Author Topic: Repentant Militants Allege Threat to Lives  (Read 2043 times)

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Repentant Militants Allege Threat to Lives
« on: August 09, 2009, 04:15:59 PM »
From Ahamefula Ogbu in Port Harcourt,

The six repentant militants from Opoke in Ogoniland who have handed in their weapons in the amnesty terms have allegedly come under threats by their compatriots who tried to discourage them from carrying out their actions.
They also alleged that their overall boss, Solomom Ndigbara alias Osama Bin Laden owed them three months salary for security jobs they executed with RCC construction which is under the control of Osama.
The six boys, who were sighted by THISDAY at Government Secondary School collection center in Kaa where they were being documented,  are Meneya Chinele, Great Nelson, Asi Lolo, Goodluck Mena, Dennis Gunnye and Bigi Nee.
They told us that they have left their villages to be sleeping in other places for fear of being killed since the other boys who they alleged were responsible for the kidnappings and robberies along the East-West road of the Ogoni-Akwa Ibom axis were after them.
When THISDAY called Ndigbara, he said he stopped paying them because they were involved in sea piracy and other criminal activities and insisted that he was always against anybody who wanted to negatively affect any developmental project in their region.
“I asked the Oyinbo man to remove their names from the payroll because they were going to the sea to do things and I said since they were no longer doing what we asked them to do, they should not be paid.
“Again, I told them to go to Habilla and write their undertaking and that I wanted to witness their submission of the guns so that I will know whether they are being sincere with what they brought but they went behind me to submit. It is okay sha, no problem,“he said.
The boys who admitted that they were members of the Degbaam cult group said they were only involved in security works and that their community was not even trying to protect them.
They claimed that the groups threatening them was led by Monday Nwogba and Nyeto Ka and had armed groups that spread from Bere to Tai and therefore too dangerous for them to contend with.
Soldiers at the Ka collection center however assured them that they need not be afraid as they have taken the right steps which they would not regret, moreover as their assailants antecedents were known to the security men.