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Author Topic: and this may be done by moderate desires. I will say to myself  (Read 5564 times)


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and this may be done by moderate desires. I will say to myself
« on: January 12, 2013, 12:32:08 AM »
upon a level. How many great men are forced to keep their We miut propose nothing but what is honest.
station upon mere necessity, because they find there is no coming down from it but headlong? These men would do well to fortify themselves against ill consequences, by such virtues and meditations as may make them less solicitous for the future. The surest expedient in this case is to bound our desires, and to leave nothing to fortune which we may keep in our own power,Hermes birkin. Neither will this course wholly compose us, but it shews, at worst, the end of our troubles.
It is a main point to take care that we propose nothing but what is hopeful and honest. For it will be equally troublesome to us, either not to succeed, or to be ashamed of the success. Wherefore, let us be sure not to admit any ill designs into our heart, that we may lift up pure hands to Heaven,and makes him strong, and ask nothing which another shall be the loser by. Let us pray for a good mind, which is a wish to no man's injury. I will remember always that I am a man, and then consider, that if I am happy,????, it will not last always; if unhappy, I may be other if I please. I will carry my life in my hand, and deliver it up readily, when it shall be called for,???? ??. I wili have a care of being a slave to myself, for it is a perpetual, a shameful, and the heaviest of all servitudes, and this may be done by moderate desires. I will say to myself,—" What is it that I labour,and the cross encounters of fortune we are not to look upon as cruelty, sweat, and solicit for, when it is but very little that I want, and it will