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Author Topic: Some Ibani Names and their Meanings  (Read 6328 times)

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Some Ibani Names and their Meanings
« on: December 02, 2019, 07:02:20 AM »
This is somehow a continuation of the Thread from 10 years ago

Ibani is a language spoken by the Indigenes of Bonny Island South of Rivers State of Nigeria.

The following are some popular Ibani Names and what they mean.

Mine is Tamuno-barabinye, can you find yours?

Abesa (Tamunobesa) - God's time
Abinye (Tamuno-barabinye) - What I asked from God
Abarasi (Abarasi-Tamunopiri) - I leave all to God.
Abie (Tamunobienimiboofori) - Nobody knows God's
Abalagha - I'm not worried
Adawari - Grand father's house
Adango - The father's wealth or riches
Adaere - Father's name.
Adaobu - Born after the death of the father.
Adagogo - Resemblance of the father.
Abiekirim(Tamunobiekirim) - God's mind is different.
Abosimagha - My coming wasn't wrong.
Aberebiegha - I do not want trouble.
Agobofagha(Tamunogobofagha) - He who believes in God is safe.
Aberekanagha - I do not discuss matters.
Aberemangigha - I do not fear/run away from troble,
Akima - Do not take.
Akaderi - Laughter is not love.
Atili - A great value, precious.
Atonye - God's plan, God's wish.
Atemie - What have I done.
Akokoari - I'm gathering(children).
Atesipara-Omie - What wrong have I done to you?.
Amiesimanyeofori - I have done nothing wrong.
Aparabiegha - I will not reply or revenge.
Adonye - What I need, my wish.
Alali - Happiness, Joy, celebration.
Ajubonyanagha - I have no other one(than God).
Anju - my life, my blood.
Anieresi - Because of that.
Aniene - That day.
Anienebere - Issues of that day.
Amiesimagha - I did not do any wrong.
Amienye-ofori - I have done nothing.
Amabipi - The voice of the people.
Amaso - The god of the land.
Amaibi - The good of the land.
Amabara - Right hand.
Atoni - Wealth, riches.
Amonigha(Amoni)- I do not covet.
Asinyetogha (Asitogha) - I planned no evil or No evil intentions.
Inyingiala - wealth.
Ngowari - wealthy house.
Apawaribim - i am from a good home or house.
Ibibama - My kindness will not kill me.
Ibinye - Good thing.
Ibisa - Good time.
Ibitoru - Good sight.
Ibibo - Nice fellow.
Ibifagha - A good deed is never lost.
Ibienebo - Born in on a good day.
Ibiere - a good name.
Idaere - my father's name.
Iyeala - my wealth(children).
Iderima - do not laugh at me.
Idawari - my father's house.
Idasenibo - my father is a House Elder.
Ibikisi - Good health.
Ibiwari - Good Household, good house.
Ibiaso - Good path, way, road.
Ibiminapa - Wealth attracts many friends, relatives.
Ibiwangi - good journey.
Ibifubara - good luck.
Ibiokotogha - I did not think so.
Ibimina - Good relations.
Ibima - It will be good.
Ibitamuno - Good God.
ibunimi - KNow yourself.
Ibierefagha - Good name last forever.
Ibim - I'm Good.
Ibiama - Good town, land.
Ibifuro - Good, fruitful womb.
Iye-opu(nye) - my greatest (possession).
Inyanaboimieari- My God(Lord) is still working on me.God has not finished with me.
Barasua(Tamuno-barasua) - Commit to God's hands.
Baafuro - Tomorrow is pregnant.
Boma - Blessing, God's blessing.
Basoene - Tomorrow is another day.
Balafama - Be not afraid.
Banimibo-ofori - no one knows tomorrow, the future
Biedima - I'm comforted, happy, God has given me my expectation.
Biedimanye - A thing of comfort.
Biekpo(Tamnunoibiekpomam) - God has encouraged me,given me hope.
Bieobuma - Don't be angry, offended, annoyed.
Bietonye - What I expected.
Bietonyegha - What I didn't expect.
Data - The father's love.
Daba - Daughter born after her father's death.
Daminabo - (son)The father's friend, relative.
Daopunye - The father's hope.
Datubo - The father's man, child.
Sodienye - Heavenly gift.
Dawari - My father's house.
Dagogo - (his) father's resemblance.
Datonye - God's plan.
Damie-simagha - My father has not done wrong.
Damieibi - The good deeds of the father, good deeds of God.
Dabara - The father's hand.
Dibiobuma - Do not take offense.
Eremina - Women Household.
Erefagha - My name is not lost.
Eredapa - Women household.
Erewarifagha - A house with women will never end.
Fila - Blessing.
Fimienye - What death has done.
Fiberesima - Death is the of every thing.
Furopanye - My own blood.
Furopanyekirim - Your child is your child.
Ayagogo - Grand mother's resemblance.
Adagogo-Grand Father's resemblance.