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Author Topic: Fellow Niger/Deltans  (Read 1342 times)


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Fellow Niger/Deltans
« on: September 20, 2009, 06:02:03 AM »
Hello My good friends and fellow Niger/Deltans.

My name is Teddy,I am thirty eight years of age,six feet six tall and Athletic built.

I am a College graduate in pure sciences from three European universities:Heidelberg/Germany,Reading/UK and Pavlov Medical university,Saint Petersburg.

I joined this group,because of my concern on what is going on in the Niger/Delta region,Nigeria as a whole which calls for worlds' attention.

Niger/Delta region,produces ninty percent of all the Nigeria foreigne Exchange earnings,yet the region is negleted,down graded and worst of it all,hatred,rancour an animosity among the very Niger/Delta Endigenes>

I am based betwen Saint Petersburg/Russia and East Hartford Connecticut.

I visited Nigeria few months back,I was not impressed to what I saw.

Yenagoa and Asaba,have only one access road,no federal universities,yet other non producing oil state capital have federal universities.

The Urhobos on one side refuses to develop Asaba the Delta state capital because as they believe,the Delta state capital shall be in Warri?

The Urhobos have forgotten,that they were been marginalized when they were in old Bendel state.

If the Urhobos actually want Warri to be the Capital of Delta state?why cant they resolve the age old differences betwen them and the Istekiris,Ijaws over the right ful owners of Warri town.

In an atmosphare of discord,disliness,lack of peace and unity how can we move forward. ???