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Post by: SIMEON . O. E. EGBROKO on March 03, 2011, 09:50:23 AM
You hired me to work for you
You pay me to do the job
I even agreed and signed the papers, though, you cheated me greatly
You told me you had thought about it before hiring me that you cannot do it alone
You searched everywhere just to find me
Now you have me but you are always messing up yourself every day
You do not feed me, clothe me, shelter me, love me, care for me, pay me,value me again
You give me soured food, tattered clothes and want to use me for all chores all the time, I come early but go home late, I am wasting 
You threatened to fire me yesterday, before I got home from work , you called to have replaced me, oh what did I do so wrong? !
Now you prostitute leaving me unregarded in a wayward world that lags flesh and bones
You make jest of me in front of your visitors and guests that I opened door for to come in to dine and wine with you
Your Children are not my age mate but they flog, abuse, molest and insult me right in your presence but you did not do anything to stop them
Now they and you are receiving your side of the coin , you are complaining to and cursing God everyday, who caused it? You!
Your failure as a wealthy Parent was a total disgrace in posterity in society
Who shall bail you out of your numerous troubles?
How have you been coping?
What about your all your friends? Where are they now ?
If I help you now, don't you think God won't like it , like you believed years ago?
Now, I am still in my primes renewed everyday but you are gradually wasting
What happened to you ? What does the future hold? Please, can you tell me now?