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Post by: SIMEON . O. E. EGBROKO on March 02, 2011, 09:04:31 AM
Due to the recent security challenges in the country, especially, the kidnapping of babies for rituals by evil people, boko ha ram mayhem, militancy troubles, terrorists palava, struggle for power with do or die plots by politicians, employers threats on employees, labour unions protests for the workers rights, various assassination especially Journalists, attacks on security officers and agents, celebration of well known political robbers who was released form prisons, community derelicts and bad fellas; it is daunting on us to now give cooperative support to the law enforcement agencies if we all really want to live in peace and harmony in this nation.
Pessimists abounds in every nation but optimists always scale through untouched because of their prudence.We just must not continue like this. As the world is changing and clamoring for changes for the betterment of all, we need to follow suit so we might enjoy the new world the world in turning into. No matter the cost to ensure security at all levels of the economy among the citizens and all, we must go head on to really foster the true AFRICAN CIVILIZATION which we shall witness greatly in the nearest future, whether we get support of the present world powers and economic giants or not, our resources shall attract the world to do what they have to do to get us there , but we must be very careful not to mortgage our destiny to all the Gs of today.
In essence, to live great we must act great to take our destiny in our hands and manage it well by GUIDING AND GUARDING it jealously.
So, NIGERIANS please let's support the Armed Forces, Security Agencies, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, the Police, the States Security Service, the ICPC, Nigeria Immigration Service, Nigeria Federal Fire Service, Nigeria Customs Service, Society for Security Practitioners of Nigeria, Nigeria Civil Defence Corps, and other relevant Security Agencies including the Classified ones, so we might lead a good and quiet life.Also cooperate with the leaders at all levels to deal with crimes and criminality in our society. This is not to say that when the leaders are messing up we should leave them so without contacting the security agencies for appropriate actions.
Nigeria is our own and we must do anything better to keep her best in the world. I refuse us being victims of the evil days. May the Almighty God keep and bless Nigeria all ways, and secure to sustain our security agencies and leaders through JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR FOREVERMORE, Amen.

Nigeria, great nation, best people in best security to come.
I believe in the security bodies of Nigeria to perform better soonest.And I count on their competence to discharge their duties as required. I believe God the most.
Thank you so much.