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Author Topic: THE DIFFICULT TO SEE, THE DIFFCULT TO SAY  (Read 881 times)


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« on: January 16, 2011, 01:13:22 PM »
Every nation has her major challenges and Nigeria is not an exemption.It really pricks my mind whenever I hear other nations tag Nigerians as corrupt. I have pondered on this issue and noticed biases and racial injustice, because, there is no country on earth that is not corrupt, otherwise , God couldn't have given Jesus Christ to die for the world.
All these nations that brand Nigerians as corrupt should check their national character and behavior whether they are as perfect as the Almighty God.
However, I know that Nigeria is in deed struggling with corruption, but not all the citizens are as it it been said.
Nearly hundred per cent of Nigerian troubles, problems, shame, sufferings,failures and confusion is been caused by the so called rulers, leaders and trustees, no matter the levels and status. The government of the day is fighting harder everyday in ensuring the criminals, terrorists, kidnappers and other bad eggs  are seriously dealt with. All Nigerians are therefore enjoined to help fish out the unscrupulous elements around us, and we must comply with the government of the day to wipe out all these evil ones.
We must not continue this way if we really want to live in peace, unity, harmony and experience national progress.
Please note the followings:
Nigeria is somewhat confused of the real future to create with the presence of these devils. Nigeria present political system of governance of allowing immunity for highly placed demons who constantly disgraces the country may,somewhat, be prelude to future aided national disunity, separation,  which might magnify deadness and wailing of all ,may be, Nigerians.  While we still tolerate these evil geniuses and regards them as the V.I.P.s , they are still desiring to trick us, kill us, separate us, cheat us in the guides of religion, regionalism, tribe, and whatever they say and do we must follow and do. this is very bad for us as a nation.