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Author Topic: THE PERUSE  (Read 2454 times)


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« on: February 22, 2011, 10:50:57 AM »
One says the peruse, another says the Paar-use
Little is beamed that we debate with unknown political fracas
Life is full of inexcusable s no matter our disguising excuses
Inexpedient to human conformity when perused
Fables and liters of Peruvian horrors thriving and driving the cool of the real days.

Me says the peruse, mine says the Paar-use
Correction has no lighting in the midst of wrongs and darkness
Never behoove too many business ecumenicals
But be conformed to the cross saving cry
Letting vivacity of life a conducive abode to practice in the assemblies of the right vulnerable s and brains.

They say the peruse , These say the Paar-use
Knowing no austerity is a wished kind of posterity
Amen never withhold the courses and causes of life
By right of adoption in the Divine the inerrant,infallible and foundig purposes of the Most High can never be unfruitful in the dregs of degradable barrenness . Agree! God rightfully made and makes all however all over

Hum the peruse, sound the Paar-use
Only the dancers are interested in the music of life
Recalcitrance is devoid of annals all brooding, booming humming and posing round about the folded arms,concealed aims and congealed deeds of modern religions, politics, security,government, led by bad administration and management
Soaring high the ego of beaten down summits in their zenith.

Well. Thank you Lord God. Oh, Holy Justice, Pervade, progress and prevail!
      PERUSE!  Study never ends.
      PERUSE!  Learning never stops.
      PERUSE!  Knowledge never quashes always.
      PERUSE!  Wisdom never disappoints.
      PERUSE!  Understanding never lacks.
Again ! Thank you Lord God any way.

Simeon Egbroko {PRINCE}
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