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Author Topic: About The Niger Delta Forum - Read me first  (Read 31886 times)

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About The Niger Delta Forum - Read me first
« on: August 24, 2009, 07:09:50 PM »
   You are warmly welcome to the Niger Delta Forum. To clarify some issues and answer some questions which I have been asked over time, I thought it necessary to make this post.

    The Niger delta Forum is a spin-off of the Facebook group, I AM a Niger Deltan and Proud of It too. The Niger Delta Forum was started as an initiative to encourage unity and positive discussions while also showcasing the culture and teaching the world the truth about the people called the Niger Deltans.
      Of recent, due to the series of unfortunate circumstances which have befallen us, a disturbing trend has emerged of Niger deltans being looked upon or referred to (wrongly of course) as violent or with other not so dignifying terms. Though opinions may vary very widely on the events which have lead to this, I sincerely hope this would be an avenue for all those with the  varied opinions to air those opinions and also a way to show the world the great people Niger Deltans Really are.

Categories and Topics

   On this website, which is in the form of a discussion forum (so you are very free to start your own discussions), there are different categories (which would expand as time goes on - and you request for more). As at today, 24-8-2009, the forum is grouped into  two main categories

1.) The General Category &

2.) The People, Their Culture

1.) The General Category

      This is the part of the forum where common everyday issues can be discussed. This category is further sub-divided in to the following boards:
a.) New Members
   This is ideally the first stop of anyone who registers on the forum. Here, you can either start a new topic or reply to a topic welcoming you to the forum, telling us a little about you, how you got here or whatever you would like to share with us.

b.) General Discussion
   Here you can start new topics or reply to new posts discussing whatever is on your mind. Any topic under the sun is welcome as far as it is not at variance with with the user agreement.

c.) Niger Delta Issues
   Currently, there are mainly news items in this section for us all to discuss, but in this section, you can also discuss other issues currently affecting any part of the Niger Delta Region . You can post new topics, reply to old ones or vote in the polls.

d.) Announcements and Adverts

   As a person, you might have products and services or events which you would like the world to know about. You are 100% free to post these in this section which is also 100% FREE of Charge.You get wide coverage also as all new topics are simultaneously posted on our twitter account at
   A word of caution here, users are advised to undertake due diligence before spending money on any offers here and report any scam posts so they can be immediately deleted. The adverts are solely the responsibility of the advertiser and all rs  are responsible for all actions taken in this section.
       Also, before advertising, you must have 20 posts/ topics on the forum with at least 10 in the; "The People, Their Culture" category. Read more here

e.) Contact and Support

   If you have any questions about using the forum, any problems accessing the forum or complaints about any of the  features, please post these here or email us at In this board, you can also suggest or vote on what else you would like to see in the forum such as new categories, features and so on (it's a Democratic Society Right?)

2.) The People, Their culture - The Niger Delta

   This is the second category - currently and I would really like to request that those who are knowledgeable should help make this work and pass some knowledge to us.There are many of us who grew up in the cities or in other countries who would really love to know about our roots.
   This category is divided into the following boards:

a.) History & Culture
   If you have an idea or you are well-versed or have any questions on the History and cultural practices of any of the tribes in the Niger Delta, then this should be your board. To those who know, your knowledge is highly valued, please come and share with us and educate us.

b.) Food In the Niger Delta

   Everything concerning food, recipes, pictures, videos, special preparations, food taboos and so on can be talked about here. This board and those which follow are only visible to logged in members of the forum (for now).

c.) Languages

   The indigenous languages of the Niger Delta, sad to say, are being spoken by fewer and fewer people as time goes on.
   This section is REALLY important to us here and its main objective is reviving our dead languages and getting those who can speak these languages to make interactive posts to teach those of us who cannot. Your co-operation is really needed in this section.

d.) Music and Art

       Music of the past and present can be discussed here, also musicians can promote themselves here and we all can learn about our musical history.

     Membership on the Niger Delta Forum is open to all Niger Deltans, Friends of the Niger Delta and People who would like to learn more about the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria.

      Your participation is really needed and appreciated to make this a success. Feel free to login once in a while and make posts in whichever categories that concern you.
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