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Author Topic: THE SPIRIT OF NIGERIA  (Read 1345 times)


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« on: February 14, 2011, 12:22:26 PM »
The Spirit of Nigeria is
the spirit of the Almighty God as it ought to  be
the spirit of the Lord and Master of all creation
the spirit of the Ancient of Days as we purposefully subjected
the spirit of the Living God as the scriptures revealed
the spirit of the God of all forces over all forces
the spirit that far out weighs the gurus and grand masters
the spirit of the resurrection and salvation of all                                                        the spirit of greatest wisdom, prowess, knowledge and achievement
the spirit of true holiness and righteousness
the spirit of heavenly peace and joy on mankind anchored on all
the spirit of the God of the ancestors resting in Christ
the spirit of the God of Nigeria making God a Nigerian
the spirit of the Almighty God in total mission whether we know or not
the spirit of truth, faithfulness and believe
the spirit of refined , savored and seasoned cultures as blessings of mankind
the spirit of multiple tribes by God's making and multiple parties by man's making
the spirit of divisibility, positivity, negativity, mathematics and legalism
the spirit of continuous trying, testing, tempting, endangering and jeopardizing
the spirit of knowing all in all and getting all in all at any costs in the right ways
the spirit of political stability and realizing policies
the spirit of tested and trusted unity, faith, peace and progress
the spirit of modern and Divine changes and transformations dimensionally
the spirit of viable and rechargeable management and administration
the spirit of the incorruptible against the corruptible
the spirit of everybody is innocent, guiltless, jovial , poor masses and needs help
the spirit of restoration, discipline, hard working and dedication
the spirit of general education, general security and general disturbances
the spirit of all the religious are best and most good and philanthropist
the spirit of healthy caring, sowing, reaping ,saving and investing
the spirit of worships and praises in anything and any how
the spirit of mostly respecting the corrupt and armed and pen robbers
the spirit of true relationships, partnerships and livelihoods
the spirit of saving and preserving lives at all costs
the spirit of costly and non result investigations in assurance of thick hairy tongues
the spirit of of patience, perseveranceand endurance
the spirit of giving, accepting,recognizing,,,and rewarding
the spirit of love ,grace, mercy, forgiveness and hope
the spirit of learning form history to make the future best
the spirit of success whether life is clockwise or anticlockwise
the spirit of mental and heart revolution to bless the world
the spirit of commerce, industry and sportsmanship
the spirit of keeping the secrets acceptable only to God to favor the citizens
the spirit of undaunted favor , fortune and alround good luck
the spirit of gifts of revelations, power and authority
the spirit of oneness in all races and backgrounds of humans
the spirit of 'God is my Father and my everything'
the spirit that lust against religion warning the evil to keep off God's own
the spirit of the shining lights and stars and burning fire
the spirit of the military and classified security agents
the spirit of peace keeping and maintenance of law and
the spirit of building far better marriages, better families and better homes
the spirit of glory, honor, productive wealth and creative riches
the spirit of understanding and agreement among religious clergies and laity
the spirit of celebration, godly pride and even happiness into joy
the spirit of continuous growth and development
the spirit of cozy enjoyment, equity, justice and living proofs
the spirit of the Eagle, Dove and Lion dimensionally
the spirit of calmness,sanity, healing and reasoning
the spirit of purposeful and profitable ruler-ship and leadership
the spirit of perfect flair, serenity, smile and laughter
the spirit of arts, sciences, technologies information, trainings and communications
the spirit of inspirations, prowess, counsel and craftsmanship
the spirit of stardom, youngsters and experiences
the spirit of agriculture, aquaculture, afforestation and bountiful harvests
the spirit of natural phenomena as it is in all ways
the spirit of cooling off the heats, hurts, battles and wars
the spirit of chilling all revenge and vengeance
the spirit of winning, prosperity, excellence and fusion
the spirit of tourism, vacations resting and sleeping well
the spirit of thanksgiving, eulogy and shekinar
the spirit of failing, disappointing witchcraft, sorcery, cults and occults
the spirit of apprehending and annihilating the spirit demon of human blood sacrifices
the spirit of positivism, optimism, real confession and acts
the spirit of promotions, expectations, lifting, breakthroughs and results
the spirit of join us to work together to reach the top most
the spirit of everybody, all has a say, contributions to make
the spirit of the fairs, rallies, and moves
 the spirit of true practical democracy, federalism and government
the spirit of visitation, monitoring, transportation and good projects conclusive execution
the spirit of dealings against terrorists, militants, assassins and all criminals
the spirit of enough resources from every sources in the universe
the spirit of life in all around life here and there
the spirit of dialogue, piety, constitutionalism and friendliness
the spirit of the pilgrimages and Divine refreshments and regeneration
the spirit of pacing, starting, finishing stronger and completing best
the spirit of continuous prayers, intercessions and supplications
the spirit of vulnerability to pure naturality
the spirit of varied actions and reactions even in the valleys and mountains
the spirit of anyhow any way by anybody form anywhere in the world however
the spirit of simplicity, humility, tolerance and openness to all
the spirit of likelihood and loveliness
the spirit of self discipline, self guilt, self pity ,self complexities ,and self killing
the spirit of fastest learning,fast copying and fast smartness in all things
the spirit of feudalism,futility, regrets at progress times, and saying no to yes
the spirit of great struggles, hustles, protocols, systems and processes
the spirit of acceptance of anything and anybody from anywhere
the spirit of the ants being ants and the elephants being elephants
the spirit of dominion, influences, affluence and connections
the spirit of demands,supplies,contracts, projects, helps and supports
the spirit of the planes, levels, lines ,precepts, ordinances and the dimensions
the spirit of being cleaned by water,air, light, sand, blood and spirit
the spirit of perceiving, hearing, seeing , tasting, feeling,sensing and passion
the of generosity, promiscuity, fiend, fiasco and all likes
the spirit of the wishes, wills, ideas, folklore's, facts,and fads of the modernity
the spirit of the rushing, crude, refined, imports and exports
the spirit of allowing foreign nations to gain more when we are in battles and wars
the spirit of the Lion fears, abstinence, treaties, pacts,leagues, bilateral agreements and the memoranda
the spirit of losing the lost, forgetting the forgotten and abandoning the abandoned
the spirit of atomism, migration, motion, equilibrium, gravity, ascension and stability
the spirit of chasing and settling the winds, brezes of times and the aging ages
the spirit of failed leadership which shall soon receive Divine deliverances and salvation
the spirit of political, corporate,business,legal and social lies that needs restoration of godly truths now
the spirit of the Egyptian and Babylonian barriers that needs to be broken and cast out now
the spirit of Princes, Princesses, Kings, Queens, Emperors and Empress
the spirit of warriors, generals, marshals, heroes, legends, champions and victors
the spirit of villainy, vanquished, vamoosed and egoistical tyrants that must die
the spirit of the corrupt ruling, contesting for elections, leading the whole nation
the spirit of easily flattered,deceived, undermined and taken for granted
the spirit of early rising, sleeping late, ghetto life, jungle justice,and modern living
the spirit of morality, romance,sexuality,and all weights that needs to be ly corrected now before it's too late
the spirit of change that needs change that's already changing for our best
the spirit of heaviness,weakness,weeping,sorrows,,seeing death and destruction
the spirit of embezzlement,incumbency,pensioner suffrage, employees and employers dilemma that needs succor
the spirit of likes, dislikes, dos, don't s needing right orientation
the spirit of doggedness, stubbornness, persistence and refusing to give up
the spirit of diversities, flavors, choices and charms
the spirit of freedom , slavery,chances, opportunities and independence
the spirit of welcome, hospitality,and blessing departures
the spirit of the ancestors,Fathers, Mothers,Youths and Children in One accord
the spirit of history,writing, publishing,reporting, theater,and recording
the spirit of transparency,accountability,and capability of credibility
the spirit of the flares, flickers, fliers, flowing s and followings
the same spirit of the deepest to the ascending zenith of the highest
the same spirit of the widest to the increasing length of the longest
the same spirit of the weakest to the empowered, approved, anointed and consecrated strongest
the same spirit of the least to the appointed,destined and ordained greatest
the same spirit of the masses to the christened known, biggest and first class
the same spirit of the people are  forgiven, cleared, sanctified, ,justified,saved, restored, lifted, blessed and pleased
the same spirit of the people are  lit,heard,seen,felt,tried,lead,ed.,directed,renewed and over powered
the spirit of peace,unity,change, stability. truth,faith,life,value,prosperity,light, and God we need
the spirit of Divinity and holy practices of Divinity we need
the spirit of unequal self employment, virtue and importance we need
the spirit of security,generality, and service of God we need
the spirit of obedience, honor, wisdom, favor, winning,excellence and fearlessness we need
the spirit of the spirit of true power, authority,extraordinary life and vision we need
the spirit of being poor in spirit, superiority,loving hope and guaranteed future we need
the spirit of the best wishes, best dreams, excellent plans and God bless Nigeria we need
the spirit of presidency,parliament,and indomitable government
the spirit of obsession,suppression, oppression and opposition by the privileged
the spirit of the sense of belonging, unionism,association, clubbing and fraternity
the spirit of high biders,mafianism, godfatherism, godmotherism,  godcildrenism ,backgrounds and levels
the spirit of qualifications, degrees, certificates, carriers and programmes
the spirit of sheltering, clothing dressing, feeding, flying and neglect
the spirit of entertainment,fashion,integrity, integration,and legends



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